Hammam essentials

The hammam originated from the days of the Roman Empire, they used to visits the local bathhouses to cleanse themselves. The importance of cleanliness saw the development of these bathing rituals quickly adopted by the Arabs, mainly centered around the ablution before prayer. The lack water infrastructure in homes in Morocco at that time created a need for the hammams in every neighborhood.

Here’s how it’s done:

Apply a generous amount of Black Soap all over your body then relax for 5 to 10 min…

Rinse off completely with warm water, then gently scrub your body with exfoliating glove. Rinse off impurities with warm water.

Mix the Rhassoul Clay with warm water or with floral water then apply it all over your skin as a body wrap. Leave it on for 2 min…Rinse off completely with warm water.

Your skin is free from toxins and fully energized.